A loan from the National Assembly not as high as the said recipient and a surprising gain in resale … The unclear how the purchase of an apartment by the head of state in 1997.

Fouquet’s and Bolloré’s yacht blur on the financing of his apartment on the Ile de la Jatte in Neuilly in 1997: from one end to the other of his term, Nicolas Sarkozy behind the question of his own money as a ball. Asked about the funding of this apartment by the site Mediapart, April 5, at a press conference, Sarkozy kicked into touch to the National Assembly: “The loans I received by the National Assembly, it was between 1995 and 1997. at the time, you see, it was a left majority that was at the head of the National Assembly. So if loans were attributed to me, as to all members, it’s probably there must be good reasons. ”

Ceiling. According to Mediapart, citing sources at the auditor’s office of the National Assembly, Nicolas Sarkozy received a loan of 1.68 million francs (about 260 000 euro) at the rate of 2%. It consists of a cap (about 1.2 million francs) and family supplements allowed for MPs with children. In an official letter, Bernard Accoyer, President (UMP) of the Assembly, said that “the loan to Mr. Sarkozy in the second half of 1997, in a period of cohabitation, was no exception to the rules, either in terms of interest rates or about the amount. ”

First contradiction: in January 2007, Nicolas Sarkozy had told the Express have received a loan of 3 million francs for the Assembly. After the clarifications provided by the Palais Bourbon on Tuesday, it seems clear that the Head of State lied about that.

Second question: where were from the 1.85 million francs used to purchase the duplex? Since 2007, the chained duck had supporting documentation, showed that Sarkozy had paid 270,000 francs at the deposit, borrowed 1.6 million francs from Societe Generale, more “the 3 million francs borrowed the national Assembly “mentioned by Nicolas Sarkozy. However, the amount of that loan is now known, it lacks almost 2 million francs to reach the price of the duplex: 5.74 million francs (including the price of a 16 sqm studio bought six months later ). This duplex was sold in 2006 to 12.7 million francs (1.94 million euros). Capital gain: 122%.

On March 15, as the law requires it, the Head of State released its heritage: EUR 2.74 million. An increase of EUR 663 000 (+ 32%) compared to March 2007 (€ 2.14 million). The increase is due to life insurance contracts that were paid the sale of the duplex.

The missing 2 million francs in official calculations have they ever been paid? The question arises when one revisits the controversy sparked by the Duck chained in 2007. According to the weekly, Nicolas Sarkozy – then married to Cecilia – had benefited from a substantial discount (300,000 euros, or 2 million) the value of the property and renovations. The duck was estimated by comparing the transaction to several others, that Sarkozy had paid the apartment between 12 and 35% cheaper than other buyers, that the UMP candidate has always contested. To prove his good faith, Nicolas Sarkozy said he had asked for an investigation of the Revenue Department of Hauts-de-Seine north on the assessment of the property. Problem: no written document was found. “Nothing has been written, everything happened oral” Duck confirmed the director of tax services.

Concerning the work, the satirical weekly revealed that while a first invoice to the estimated 1.51 million francs, the final score had risen to 400,000 francs. In 2007, Sarkozy had produced a proof of 72,360 francs corresponding to an oak staircase. According to Claude Gueant, then campaign manager, other evidence should be “in a storage locker.” No one has ever seen them.

Gesture. Why this kindness from the promoter Lasserre? If in 2007, Denise Lasserre took care to support communicated by Sarkozy, she actually managed this transaction while the group was on the brink of financial asphyxiation. The developer hopes a gesture of deputy mayor of Neuilly in a project to build a crèche and a retirement home. Project for which, after a long dispute with the city of Neuilly, the developer had to pay, several years later, a penalty of 26 million.

Conversely, the group had Lasserre, on other operations, benefited from a very active support of the town hall. In this context of close relationships, Denise Lasserre told the world: “It is obvious that it was useless to get hurt with Sarkozy in this story [of payment for work in the apartment, note], but we did not do him any gifts. ”

Rest justice. “There was a lot of surveys and they never found anything,” said Nicolas Sarkozy in a press conference on 5 April. The truth is far below. Seized by a complaint from an individual, the prosecutor in Nanterre has certainly opened a preliminary inquiry entrusted to the suppression of economic crime squad. The police heard the complainant, Denis Lasserre writes a report. Then the investigation was closed without further action in October 2007 by the department headed by recently … Philippe Courroye, close to Sarkozy. It is far enough from one version with “a lot of inquiries.”