Looking for Charlie Harper Shirts ?

Chances are if you have seen “Two and a Half Men” you could not help but notice the cool shirts worn by

Charlie Sheen

for the character of

Charlie Harper

, the jingle writer with a taste for the contrast panel style shirts that look like they are right out of a retro clothing fashion catalogue.

Charlie Harper

has a very free spirited style and one thats always in tune with the California roots and his Malibu beach home. Whether its with a pair of pants or khaki shorts, these relaxed camp or lounge style shirts scream cool and comfortable, two things any guy wants to have in his wardrobe.

Charlie Harper Shirts are fashionable, versatile men’s shirts that can be worn for a multitude of occasions. The shirts are comfortable, relaxed and casual but smart look of Classic Retro.

The semi formal relaxed style makes them a great choice for wearing for a night on the town. The practical easy-care blend of Polyester and Cotton fabric make them easy-care and keep them looking great for a long time.

The cool smooth styles that influenced men’s fashion since the 1950’s and the “Rat Pack” era, and have been revived time and again because the look is classic and timeless.

Most of the shirts these days are made from Cotton & Polyester fabrics and no longer carry the large logo’s etc that once adorned the back of the shirt, today they are more upmarket with color combinations and contrasting color blocks and stripes that still incorporate the classic 50’s look.

They say if the wearer “I’m stylish, laid back and cool, but dont take things too seriously, and that was the perfect look and style for Charlie who was all those things.